Third Meeting and Fast-a-Thon wrap-up

This Wednesday (Oct 6) we will be having our third IJL meeting. It will be held @9pm at the usual venue (88 Home). We will continue to share religious music (especially more contemporary ones like God-rock, Jewish-raggae and Muslim-hiphop) as well as slam poetry, since we haven’t finished the list last time. Feel free to do some research beforehand and bring something about your tradition to share!

Also, many thanks to those who volunteered or participated in the fourth Fast-a-Thon last Thursday. We raised a total sum of $14,200 (and counting) for the Amazing Grace pantry in Middletown, and it wouldn’t have been impossible without you! We also had a beautiful program which consisted of the Gospel choir, Sister Marwa’s speech on neighbors, Dean Mike’s speech on, well Fast-a-Thon, Sandy’s call to prayer etc. I was really touched to see more than 350 people gathering to break fast beyond religious borders 🙂

Here is a short clip (made by Sister Marwa’s husband) on Fast-a-Thon 2010! Enjoy!


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