My Interfaith Experience

Hello everyone!

My name is Rhee-Soo and I am a senior at Wesleyan and another contributor to the Wesleyan IJL blog! I miss my blogging days from last semester while I was abroad and wanted to write something for our wonderful blog (while procrastinating on other work, naturally), so I thought I’d start with a cool interfaith experience I had while I was abroad.

I spent the spring of my junior year in Prague, Czech Republic – a fairly nonreligious country. Over my spring break, I traveled around Italy which was great because 1) there is so much to see and 2) even more to eat!! I happened to be in Rome over Easter Weekend, and I was traveling with a friend who goes to Notre Dame, one of the most prominent Catholic universities in the U.S. Thanks to my connection (thanks Julie!), I got to attend Easter Mass at St. Peter’s Cathedral and see the Pope in person!!! Unfortunately, it was pouring and freezing so we didn’t stay for the whole thing but it was pretty awesome nonetheless. I also got to talk to a couple of her friends about Catholicism, Vatican II, and recent scandals in the Catholic church… All quite informative and interesting for a non-Catholic. I’m also a religion major, so that puts a different spin on things as well. At Notre Dame, they don’t have a religion major – just theology. But that’s for another time.

St. Peter's Basilica!St. Peter’s Basilica before the big day!


the pope!!!!

The Pope!! (from afar)

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One Response to My Interfaith Experience

  1. Carmen says:

    Some of my friends I met in Regensburg also headed off to Vatican City for Easter and got completely soaked, but they said “we saw _Papi_ so that’s ok, and we’re Lutheran, but that’s also OK.”

    I was in Paris on Easter Sunday and went to the mass in Norte Dame and it completely blew my mind, such a powerful space!

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