What IF 2

If you haven’t heard of the WhatIF movement and Better Together campaign, please either 1. go to Facebook and visit the official WhatIF page; or 2. go here to IFYC’s official page

Check out the national momentum of engaging religious diversity in social action from over 300 students and 100 colleges.

I am committed
To the idea that we are better together:
Better in service
Greater in respect
Greater in tolerance
…Knowledgeable, respectful, listening to everyone.

For far too long have ignorance and fear
Dominated discussions of faith,
Rather than working together
To save the human race.

Change starts with me,
And I will tell my friends.
That the interfaith movement
Officially began.

We are better together
Because together we strive,
Working together until the day we die.
What IF you decided that change starts with you?
What IF you became a leader and joined the interfaith crew?

So join the campaign it’s never too late!
Differences may be deep
But values we all share.
That a society cooperating
Far exceeds a society of hate.

University of South Carolina-Columbia (Crown Jewel of Higher Education in the State of South Carolina)-written by Dominique Isaac Grate

What if …working together the Indiana Interfaith Service Corps members from Butler University, Franklin College, Indiana University-Purdue University (IUPUI), Marian University, and the University of Indianapolis build a sustainable network of interfaith campus leaders that speak out on the importance of interfaith c…ooperation on their campus and in their community….Better Together

Our goal for Smith College is to promote social justice through interfaith dialogue and action on our campus and in our community. We will accomplish this goal by creating an interfaith community response to bullying in the LGBTQ community.

Carnegie Mellon University will reaffirm the institution’s commitment to Interfaith Dialogue and exploration through outreach in the Pittsburgh community and the creation of student-staff roles.

At McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario Canada (CANADA! Deena!), we are committed to using faith-based humanitarian work as a foundation for interfaith dialogue. Our hope is to plant the seeds of change and goodwill by creating dialogue that participants can nurture in their own families and communities- creating new opportunities to build interfaith trust and understanding.

We, as students of the University of San Francisco have pledged to bring interfaith work back to our campus, and open up dialogue on campus to further our celebration of diversity. We will work to inspire and empower our classmates to re-frame issues in an interfaith (be it religious or non-religious) context. From HI…V/AIDS to immigration, from panel discussions to days of service, from staff to students we will examine social justice issues to create a University community that is more socially responsible

The UCLA Bruins are dedicated to fostering and promoting relationships that adovate and endorse interfaith dialogue, solidarity, and shared humanity with oneanother in order to lead to friendship, respect, and loyalty to eachother for the common good. WE ARE BETTER TOGETHER.

What if… We are committed to uplifting the Better Together Campaign at the University of Wisconsin River Falls by creating an interfaith coalition that invites both secular and faith based organizations to serve our community.

What IF… the students at the University of Washington could focus on our similarities and respect each other’s differences? What IF… we could reach out to religious an d ethnic minorities on campus, uniting ourselves through social action? UW and IFYC: Better Together!

Brown University is asking “what if”? What if our multifaith council worked with student religious groups to make celebrations of religious holidays such as Diwali, Eid, and Día de los Muertos accessible to the entire campus? What if we held a spring class on religious literacy taught by both University Chaplains and R…eligious Studies professors? What if we organized a festival of faiths, inviting both student groups and community members to share the performance traditions of their spiritual practice? What if we realized that we really are better together?



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