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Tomorrow We Ask What IF…?

Hola to all my Interfaith and Social Justice defenders! It’s here, it’s here– the Wesleyan Asks WHAT IF event is happening tomorrow!!!   we replaced religious intolerance with cooperation? we used our differences to work together and change the world? … Continue reading

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WesSpeak – Decoding and Debunking Islamophobia

This was from a while ago (before the panel). Here’s the link on the Argus with comments. Islamophobia has recently become a prominent presence in the United States. Articles and forums with titles like CNN’s “Holy War: Should Americans Fear … Continue reading

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Fantastic Islam/Islamophobia/Park51 Panel

A great turn-out at Shanklin 107 last week. Students with plateful of cookies entered an interesting and interactive discussion with Sister Marwa, Professor Elvin Lim (Govt) and Professor Attiya Ahmad (Religion). Each speaker spoke from their profession and experience. In … Continue reading

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Interfaith Leadership Institute!!!

From October 24-26, Emily, Patrick and I joined over 100 interfaith student leaders and 50 staff allies for the inaugural Interfaith Leadership Institute in Washington D.C. It was an incredible experience and we are really excited to bring what we’ve … Continue reading

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Islamophobia and Park 51: The “Othering” of Muslims in America

THIS THURSDAY 4:30pm SHANKLIN 107 Refreshments included! Have you ever had questions about Islam but felt too afraid to ask? Have you ever wondered how 9/11 affected America’s perception of Muslims but thought it was a too “touchy” subject? Have … Continue reading

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Roth recognizes religious diversity in Wesleyan

While we’re on past blog/articles, some Google-ing has brought me an old post by President Roth in Feb 2008. He was also quite surprised at the religious life at Wesleyan, apparently much more active and significant than the infamous Princeton … Continue reading

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Argus interview with Father Hal, Wesleyan Catholic Chaplain

So I know this is an article dated Sep 2008, which is more than two years ago. Still I think it’s worth posting on this blog as it shows that the Wesleyan chaplains, and not just the students, also support … Continue reading

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