Interfaith Leadership Institute!!!

From October 24-26, Emily, Patrick and I joined over 100 interfaith student leaders and 50 staff allies for the inaugural Interfaith Leadership Institute in Washington D.C. It was an incredible experience and we are really excited to bring what we’ve learned back to campus!! Our weekend included a crash courses on religious pluralism (having respect for religions and non-religions, building relationships, and pursuing common action), developing our own interfaith stories, working with social media, and playing the Better Together game (which included trivia, building bridges with straws, and making creative flyers). On top of that, we also got to go to the White House since the conference was co-sponsored by the Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships, AND WE MET EBOO PATEL, the founder of the Interfaith Youth Core. He said Wesleyan’s Fast-a-Thon is the model they use and promote because ours is so successful!! Wonderful. Pictures forthcoming 😉

So. What now?? Soon, you’ll be seeing stickers all over campus that say “What IF…” – What will that even mean?

Well. What IF we replaced religious intolerance with pluralism?  What IF we embraced our differences (religious and otherwise) to make us stronger? What IF we worked together to achieve a common goal, regardless of our faith background?

These “What IF…” questions are supposed to make us think, push ourselves, and grow to realize that yes, we are better together. We can achieve so much more if everyone worked together to achieve a common goal. We are about to embark on a year-long interfaith campaign appropriately titled “Better Together.” The campaign works to empower students to speak about the power and importance of interfaith action, working to mobilize students and sustaining service work on campus. Our kick-off event is November 22, 5PM at the DFC!

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