Tomorrow We Ask What IF…?

Hola to all my Interfaith and Social Justice defenders! It’s here, it’s here– the Wesleyan Asks WHAT IF event is happening tomorrow!!!


What-If_Purple_Transparent.gifwe replaced religious intolerance with cooperation?

What-If_Purple_Transparent.gifwe used our differences to work together and change the world?

Faith commitments inspire people to work to serve and improve their communities. In fact, some of the greatest social action movements of the 20th century like the Civil Rights Movement have been inspired by young people of faith.

Come learn about the “Better Together” Campaign, which empowers students to speak out about the power of interfaith action, mobilizes students from all faith backgrounds (and lack thereof), and sustains service work on campus. There will be a guest speaker, discussion, and FREE DINNER!

When: Monday, Nov. 22, 5-7PM
Where: Daniel Family Commons
Why: because interfaith is awesome!




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One Response to Tomorrow We Ask What IF…?

  1. Deena Godfrey says:

    This sounds like the most awesome event ever! And there is free food…. what more could I ask for? And word on the street is the guest speaker is a member of the Parliament of World Religions!!! WOWEE

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