President Obama Has Something to Say to You!

“I urge you to take up this Interfaith Service Challenge and show once again that the values that unite us as Americans are far more powerful than those that divide us.” -President Barack Obama

President Obama has made interfaith cooperation a priority of his administration. He is calling on campuses to take the lead, modeling how to build bridges lines of across difference. IFYC is offering tools, resources, and technical assistance to aid campuses developing strategic plans for the President’s Interfaith and Community Service Campus Challenge.

IFYC can serve as a resource for campuses to creatively and effectively develop the core components of the President’s Interfaith and Community Service Campus Challenge strategic plan – in particular, advancing interfaith service and interfaith engagement.

IFYC is supporting campuses involved in this initiative by:

  • Providing IFYC resources and resources from other field leaders]on best practices and effective program models on interfaith cooperation and community service;
  • Connecting applicants to key leaders in the field and offering opportunities to share knowledge on bridging interfaith and community service efforts on campus (more information forthcoming);
  • Providing support via email.
  • Conducting Interfaith Leadership Institutes and on campus training to equip students, faculty, and staff to mobilize a movement for interfaith cooperation on campus.

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