“When faced with a challenge, look for a way, not a way out.” – David Weatherford

If you’ve been following up with Wesleyan’s Better Together campaign, you would remember that we proposed a social action project on Gender Empowerment in Middletown (G.E.M.). Unfortunately, there have been some difficulties in the process… But fear not! We are still going to do something to show that we are, indeed, Better Together!

We are happy to announce that the Interfaith Justice League will be partnering with Brighter Dawns to improve water sanitation in Bangladesh!

Here are details about our fund-raising and experience event:

(click to enlarge for details)

Date: 16th April 2011 (Saturday of WesFest)
Time: 10:30am registration
Venue: (start/end) Usdan
Participation donation: $10/person
Followed by brunch with the Interfaith Justice League in Allbritton 311.

Brighter Dawns is a student-initiated NGO that aims to provide water sanitation and facilities in the slums of Bangladesh. Did you know that over 31,000,000 people in Bangladesh do not have access to clean water? While we only need to turn on the tap in our bathrooms, these people need to either walk for hours to get to a well, or even worse, use unclean water! There are serious health issues that could result from unsanitary water. To help build a healthy community and growth, this is one of the most important issues to address!

So, Wesleyan students, no matter what religious/spiritual tradition you are from, please come help and support this meaningful cause! Invite your friends and discuss what water sanitation and community development means to you!

If you are interested, please leave a comment here and/or email nyip@wesleyan.edu!


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